Monday, February 18, 2013

New Addition Part 2

Almost a Year ago we found this little gem .

Its been a long slow process cleaning it up sanding off the Red Oxide which was hideous on the wheel and top frame. It had to be disassembled as it is very fragile. Repairs to the wheel had to be done, some glue slivers of timber to plug gaps. A ratchet tie down was used as a clamp around the circumference helped bring it back into round.

I hand sanded with steel wool and Danish Oil to put some life back into the wood it is very dry. Then it sat on the bench or parts of it did while the top was over on the tool box etc.  Constantly having to move it to access tools or work on other jobs was beginning to become annoying and possible damage to the whole wheel.

The original (when we bought it) small feet were not even the same sizes let alone shape meant replacing all of them, these new ones will be trimmed down a little yet.

The main legs were all screwed in and were loose these had to be tightened to make the frame more rigid. Photos below of the thread area.

The brace between either side and mount for the footman was broken at one end, a hand whittled dowel glued and fitted. The other end has had a wedge fitted at some stage to tighten it up.

 One of the new feet this is the shape of one of four of the original feet.

Left The peg hand whittled buy Sue to hold the wheel in place.

Right A missing peg replaced again hand whittled by Sue.
 Reassembled and its looking good, much more stable than 10 months ago.

Its still requires a lot of work, further sanding and oiling. I have to make bobbins and the flyer needs repair or total remake. Its one less spinning wheel in the workshop. Two more to go.

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