Monday, March 11, 2013

Taking Time Out To Dwell & Learn.

Over the months of February and March it is the time of year that special demonstrations for woodwork begin.

Starting with Sturt School of Wood16, 17th Feb 2013 .The open days are free and held at the School grounds in the Southern Highlands town of Mittagong.Demonstrations by Australian world class tool makers

***February 2013***Tools & Techniques Weekend
Sturt School for Wood will host a weekend of TOOLS & TECHNIQUES featuring many of Australia's finest tool makers: HNT Gordon Classic Plane Maker, Colen Clenton, Harold & Saxon Chisels, Michael Connor Woodwork, Jim Davey and others offering you the opportunity to discuss, try and buy their beautifully crafted tools. Plus specialist demonstrations on a range of woodworking techniques presented by Sturt's experienced teachers.
FREE Admission and Parking. 10:00am - 4:00pm both days. Food & drinks available on site.

HNT Gordon & Colen Clenton, Chris Vespa, Japanese Tools , Jim Davey Planes,show their latest creations. Along with such groups as Traditional Tools Southern Highlands Woodturners Group.

The main attraction is the various demonstrations each year. This year I got to see CNC operation (well last 20 mins due to late arrival). After lunch Traditional Mortise & Tenon Joints in Box Making. I usually only go for the one day which means I miss out on the second lot of presentations this isn't to bad unless it something I'd really like to see.

 CNC in progress and a completed work.
 Some of the tools on sale  and the man who makes them Colen Clenton.
Sturt Gallery always has a range of finished items done by students of all their classes on show. Weaving being another class.

 The Box using Through Mortise and Tenon with Traditional joints and wedges although not done in traditional manner.

February 22nd to 24th
This year saw us book a weekend in Taree for Artisans On The Hill Open Weekend unfortunately on the Wednesday prior we had to cancel due to a weekend of impending torrential rain and storms and flooding. A pity as one of the Ornamental turners who has recently moved to the district was there demonstrating. Still news media had it covered well. Even at home it was wet and windy for almost two weeks.

March 7th to 10th Metal & Wood Show

A new show along with the long running Stitches and Craft Show was held at Rosehill Race Course. The bases not unlike the now defunct Newcastle Wood Show which also ran along side of Craft Fair. This gives hubby something to do while hours were spent with in a separate hall rummaging through all things Crafty by the ladies. We ventured over on Thursday arriving as the crowds of school students did also, we went our separate ways till lunch time. Although the Metal and Wood Show is much smaller than I expected it was still worth a visit and well catered for. I wonder if it will grow?

This is "The Axe" built by a local artisan from Windsor Niel has done an amazing job.

  March 9th & 10th Kiama Woodcraft Group Show
This for us is an annual event a great day out although a small show held in the old Masonic hall the group put on an excellent display every year. I don't mind admitting my weakness in attending this event is to procure some small piece of timber from Boutique Timbers who make the journey from Rollands Plains near Port Macquarie yearly. As well as Jim Davey "The Plane Man", Traditional Tools Group, Steve? and his CNC machine.
This year the Jazz/Blues Festival was also held which is entertainment plus.
We usually meet up with the great fellows from OTGA these fellows are keen as they catch the train down leaving home as early as 6am meeting up as they alight at various stations to join up. We all head down to the Harbour for a fine lunch of Fish and Chips.

 Boutique Timbers just a little bit of wood I will post photos later.

 Some of Kiama Woodcrafters works

 Entertainment plus these guys know how to work a crowd.
Hot Potato is their name.

 A stroll after lunch, I was envious of the swimmers it was quite warm.

OTGA mates.

Yet to come is Hare & Forbes Sale 14 to 16th March. 
Trend Timbers sale 22nd & 23rd March.

Oh I forgot to mention Oberon which was on the 9th & 10th February as this is our grandsons birthday we do not go any more. Usually rains anyway.

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