Saturday, March 16, 2013

Building Blocks & Dust Control

Thanks to a request from a fellow Woodie who's son has Autism, his Schools need for Building Blocks. I put my hand up to participate in making some as well as for our own grand children.
Nick supplied basic dimensions 33mm x 66mm x 66mm with variations of shape and size.

Of course this reminded me of a great song by Noel Paul Stookey called "Building Block"

I was lucky enough as a kid have a set of these way back in the days of my youth in the UK, they made the journey here with us but were given away by my mother at some stage.

I spent two days cutting an old bed frame of pine, some off cuts son Mark and few bits I had myself. The tub full below.

Then came the sanding 4 days so far and still more to do yet, glad I have a Scheppach Belt/Disc sander also that Hare & Forbes had a 3 day sale on as I required more sanding belts.

Below is whats left to do I have one and half enviro type green shopping bags full done so far

With cutting and sanding wood/timber comes dust and I have been meaning to do a little further dust control on both the Sheppach Bandsaw and Belt Sander. We had picked up an old vacuum cleaner hose which has floated around for some time well finally its been installed. I drilled a 32mm hole in the side of the existing dust hose connection and using the plastic swivel head  which was angled at just the right angle laid it out. The fitting is just push fit but its tight. I was tired of the dust accumulating under the table it won't rid it all but it will help, gave it a run cutting more blocks works well.

The Bandsaw modification routed in from behind and under the table.

I also tried a direct approach through the arc of the mitre swing.

I picked up a reducer fitting as well for the belt sander I had been using the wet/vac but this screams when in use I have to wear ear protection. Now set up to use the 100m dusty much quieter and does reduce airborne dust which means less cleaning.

The belt sander modification the reducer was the same size as the outlet so Sue came up with a fish food container which was stable/strong enough to use (the white bit). The container shaped to suit the opening which also holds it in place. Works very well off the dusty.

My GMC SCMS (sliding compound mitre saw) did well but the driveway looked like it had snowed dust control for this I have yet to take care of.

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