Friday, March 29, 2013

A Boys Dream Becomes Reality

During my younger years at Punchbowl High School while doing metal work using a lathe and Douglas Shaper a desire to own a metal lathe grew intensely. Even years earlier I knew I was interested I had approached a friends dad at one stage if I could learn from him as he had a small lathe at home Mr Wilson however saw me as Dennis the Menace (being a Geordie I prefer the UK Dennis not that whimpy USA kid).

Then after school visiting the local Punchbowl Library and reading Model Engineer and other such magazines during the late 1960's. I had to lay the beast with in to rest and curb the desire for many years. At various times during my apprentice and working years I was able to dabble with a lathe but not enough. Attending Trade shows always raised the desire but circumstances just were never right.

Thanks to John a member of Hornsby Model Engineers who put me in touch with Peter who was upgrading from his ML7 Myford. After inspecting the lathe a week ago with a friend Ken who has some knowledge and working experience of them. A week of cleaning up and throwing out and sorting through wood and other stuff (more yet to do) I am now the proud owner of a ML7 Myford lathe vintage 1970's from what I have been able to determine so far.

Thanks also to my two sons Mark & Peter for their efforts of picking it up early and transporting it then installing it back on its stand this morning.

It came with a number of attachments, a Milling attachment, Jacobs chucks, 3 and 4 jaw chucks, face plate some tooling, rear parting off tool post still covered in original grease, and selection of Back Gears.

 The first three photos are take by Peter at his place.
Left with he milling attachment shown.
Right end of the ways and three jaw chuck.

Below the full lathe

Below Its new home.
It already has a cover over it to protect it from dust as I am not giving up woodworking or turning but extending my interests. It will be a big learning curve I have some good support already.

Happy Easter all.
Ray & Sue


  1. Hi Ray, simply brilliant. love the passion over so many years .. Rewarded with a beaut ML 7.

    1. Thanks Geoff I m taking my time setting myself and the machine up, so far most simple checks and tests all doing the right things as stated it has been well cared for. Tomorrow new shelving arrives for storage above. Then its all GO. Of course doing a lot of reading to refresh some long ago memories.

  2. That looks like fun
    Out here it'd be Ginger Meggs and he'd turn it into a go-cart



    1. Ah Nick if you only knew how many go-carts I have built in my younger years after arriving on these shores. Hum or was the in relation to my hair colour LOL.


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