Sunday, September 30, 2012

50th Sydney Model Train Expo

Yesterday we took our son Peter and our two grandchildren to the 50th Sydney Model Train Expo. It is today I have just realised that my dad must have taken me to the inaugural one held at Hurstville Civic Centre just after it opened back in the 60's. These days it held at Liverpool's Whitlam Centre.

We met up there about 10 and had close on four hours of fun and time together. Watching Nathan and Bianca enthralled with the layouts and various models, other than Thomas The Tank Engine although there were plenty of them there including a ride for them to go on.

There were three hands on activities for kids also, $1 for 3 mins driving a model train which they both had a go at, making there own diorama scene with the aid of one of the gents to guide them. Then a lovely lady who was painting trains allowed them to assist in her Work In progress.

The layouts and displays had us all amazed here are some photo's of just a few of the hard work which has gone into modeling trains and tracks.

Loved this sign one of the Model Engineer's had

This is the fellow who helped Nathan and Bianca make their scenes.

Nathan snapping away got snapped by Sue/Nana he's an avid photographer at 5.

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