Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Time Will Tell

We all have a time piece of some sort and keeping time has its history.
I have loved clocks since a young boy listening to my Dad's Westminster chiming mantel clock till it stopped.

Recently I have made a few clocks first up was one for our Daughter in law Nichole's 40th birthday. A burl purchased some five years ago from Boutique Timbers and clock fitting from Trend Timbers.

The face can be orientated as is shown above sitting on  stand or a wall fitting can be attached.

I had purchased three  Brass fit up clocks.

First up is a Peppercorn Burl, fitted with a 47mm dia Brass Quartz movement.

Next is a Coolabah Burl off cut with a 37mm dia Brass Quartz movement. To me the shape looks much like Uluru (Aryes Rock).

 Last is the centre I took out of Nichole's clock using again a 37mm dia fit up, the burl is about 80mm dia. I filled the large voids on the rear with Epoxy mixed with a nail polish to enhance it.

Edited 23rd Jan.
The above burl in the photo shows scratches around the top edge I have re-sanded and applied polyurethane gloss.

 These three will make ideal desk clocks.


  1. Very nice Ray. Great looking bells and I particularly like the epoxy tinting trick.

  2. Bells = burls. Auto spell check got me again.


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