Sunday, July 31, 2016

Triple Treat and New Heights

Triple Treat and New Heights

Sue has been busy when ever I leave her alone with enough time to knit three pairs of socks. The light green pair were ones she finished which were started prior our move. The green and grey Sue knitted for John our son in law who suffers cold toes while driving round Western Sydney doing deliveries.
Scared as she is of climbing even her two rung step ladder she braved fitting two patio bolts.
P1090590 P1090593
Sue has been spending the warm days gardening when she can, planting herbs, roses a Lemon and Lime tree. Lawns are being done by outsourcing nice fellow Corey. Oh Max gets in on the digging
P1090476 P1090482 P1090511 P1090560 P1090561 P1090563

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