Sunday, July 10, 2016

Myford Has landed 10th July 2016

Myford Has Landed

Prior departing Sydney when dismantling the Myford ML7 I discovered the drip tray was badly rusted underneath as well as the corners not welded well the sheet material was far to thin ad the folded section had not been made with a folded edge to prevent injury.
I put a notice up on a metal work forum and got a response from Graeme who lives north of Brisbane did a brilliant job the tray and stand sprayed in Platinum by Sue. The Myford had been stored at a mates place down in Sydney. Alan had other business to do up north of NSW and brought it up using his engine lifter he placed and secured it to the stand.


 Another friend Neil (Hughie) was sending me up a few Ball N Screw shafts thought I might be able to use them making a Rose Engine or such. I had no idea he was also sending me a very nice peice of Blackwood for turning or a Citizen DTI many thanks Neil. Who this morning notified me bandsaws are sharp and cut pinky fingers easy hope it heals fast.

Alan had been to Sydney wood show and was good enough to select and bring up a nice bu rough burl to make a corner/end table for the lounges. Thanks Greg & Mal Ward from Boutique Timbers.
The white line shows how it has been cut a project in progress.

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