Sunday, July 3, 2016

Last turning then Out of Here

Its been ages since posting and there has been good reason. We have moved which meant six weeks or more of packing etc. However I had time for one last turning job.

Maree & John had kept me some of their Silky Oak tree cut down a few years ago, I contacted John to go pick the log up one day. He got back to me with some photos of a poor state of a log, it had been ravaged by weather and by white ants.

I did find some Silky oak I had on the shelf and set about turning two small bowls.

There were lots of rushed jobs done prior moving as well. We recovered our dinning chairs, I made trolleys for the large creates and tool boxes which were to make moving easier for the movers and us in the future.

So with all things new we decided to create/move our blog to a new host also Wool'n'Wood .

Thanks to all who have followed us on here.

Ray & Sue

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  1. Greeting to you and Sue from Geelong Ray. I just found your Christmas greeting in my 'awaiting moderation' file in my blog. Hah, a bit tardy on my side.
    Very envious, your weather will be far superior to Geelong im sure. Have a great time in your new abode. Cheers Geoff.


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