Monday, July 4, 2016

First Post July 4th 2016

First Post

After much rummaging through boxes, sorting what goes where and what is most likely to be needed first we are at a point were we can start again on some of our interests.
Sue of a night has been knitting ordered beanies and scaves for our four grandchildren. During the day gardening or helping me with some small things which we/I have had to make.
Thanks goes to Old Croc who was down from Far North Queensland (FNQ) who dropped round and stayed almost all day he took time to stack boxes wood blanks on shelves.
Richard had been wood hunting and had a ute full of Camphor he convinced me I needed a piece.

I had tossed out the old Myford ML7 drip tray before moving and needed a new one made up, I had put a call out on the Metalforum and Graeme (pcx) came to the rescue. While at Graeme’s I mentioned about needing a a ramp for the front door entry I had spotted he had some Ali Checker plate and asked where he’d got it. With in moments he had the ramp folded to the right angle. many thanks  Graeme.

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