Thursday, October 9, 2008

Baby blanket

The baby blanket is finally off the loom, has been hemmed and fulled and is now awaiting the arrival of Christina's little bundle of joy so it can be delivered.
Unlike the other three woven blankets which were in a basket weave, this one is done in a twill. The warp is 2 / 20's white wool with random ends of a thick 8 ply baby yarn in white and varigated baby blue to pink. This yarn also have a nice sheen to it from a small component of nylon. The weft is entirely white 2 /20's wool. Amazingly the blanket hardly shrunk at all with a total of three centimetres lengthwise shrinkage and no width reduction.
I used a normal twill treadling but added two tabby shots between the four twill shots to give a different appearance. I was so pleased with the outcome that I plan to use the same threading and treadling sequence for a stole to be done in black wool later in the year or early next year depending on the time I have to get things done.
The spinning wheel will have my attention for a while with wool to be spun that has recently been dyed using some wood shavings from turning projects and some dyed using elderberries.

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