Monday, March 2, 2009

Busy Lady

Its funny typing this for Sue as though she is typing it herself, so apologies in advance from me Ray.

Christmas & January are behind us, celebrations throughout with a few family members birthdays in January.
Still had time to finish our 2nd Grandsons Christening Pillow. The cushion is hand spun silk which I purchased, the embroidery of the his name done by hand, the cross was tatting as is the one on the card.

Finally Ray let me have some time on the lathe and helped with drilling and sanding pen blanks which were to be Christmas presents, I enjoyed this time although some woods just don't like some finishes and humidity has its way of causing drying problems for finishes.
I made 8 pens in all Huon Pine, Red Cedar, Jarrah, 2 Flame She-Oak, Western Rosewood, New Guinea Rosewood and a Black Palm.

Then onto a Christmas Stocking and Christmas Bibs.

January and birthday's I made a scarf for a very good friend Fay who loves Blue.

Ray had come out of the garage to find a White Dove on our porch it stayed around for a few days before hopefully flying off to safety.

A phone call from another friend in need of a 21st Birthday present saw me back in the garage using the lathe. A few more pens another Huon Pine, Tassie Oak 2 and 2 Camphor one which had a void needing some attention which some say has the form of a heart or shaped like Tasmania.

Still there are hours I have that I can do other things besides house work, gardening, looking after Ray etc.

I have been spinning and knitting a sampler section of a Shawl here it is pinned out drying.

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