Tuesday, July 21, 2009

John's Birthday Present

Our future son-in-law turns 40 and will be needing this when they go on their honeymoon in August. Made from hand spun wool. A bit of a rush job since I was given only a few weeks notice that John didn't have any warm woollen jumpers to take away on their honeymoon. Even with lots of things still in the pipeline, I couldn't restrain from volunteering to make one for him. Its nothing fancy, just plain knitting. Just as well, I like knitting without the constraints of a pattern to follow as I hate having to work to someone else's ideas. I find it much easier to work out the needles and yarn then make up a swatch from which to get my gauge. It makes figuring out the rows and stitches a breeze instead of juggling needle sizes and tension to achieve the "correct gauge".Since the sleeves are picked up along either side from the shoulder seam, it took only a few key strokes on the calculator to work out the decreases for the sleeve length and width. With only the two side seams to sew up the jumper was finished except for a quick wash and press.
I hope you get lots of wear out of it John.

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