Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Behind In Posting

Yes I know it been a while since the last session of news and what we have been doing.

I am just going to do the one post for all the things I have been up to, well nearly all some have to be left till after Christmas as they are gifts.

I made a second batch of pens same timbers as the first, then a change of style of pen a Sierra kit twist type. Three different timbers Purple Heart with Gun Metal Grey and Chrome fittings Belinda spotted this and it was her birthday present, Bottle Brush from son Peter's back yard and Spalted Macadamia both Black and Gold trim.

Purple Heart with Gun Metal Grey and Gold fittings.

Also a Cheese knife with a handle made from Sydney Blue Gum.

Two 5mm lead Workshop Pencils one for Sue  Spalted Macadamia, one for myself Acrylic difference being one has a centre band. Kits are from Mark is a pleasure to deal with as is his wife and father. Always ready with tips and tricks.

A bit of scrap I had laying around got turned into a natural edge bowl timber is unknown but is a Eucalyptus.

A Trivet out of Camphor Laurel some amazing colour and pattern.

Since August I have been also working on some recycled Oregon for a coffee table. I thank a friend Alan for his help in dressing, cutting and jointing the timber leaving me with not much to do but glue and assemble. I wish!! it had been that simple and that had been the case. The top cupped badly in more then one place. It had been in doors in situ, while we went away for a week.

Weights and a good soaking and clamping for a period of time, a frame made which helped resolve the problem, giving us a coffee table the whole family can use and the grand kids can enjoy with out fear of damage.
Finished with a few coats of Wipe On Polly.

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