Friday, June 4, 2010

Drill Press Table and Tool Box Cabinet

I have the need for a Drill Press Table larger than the usual table supplied, so I set about checking out many ideas via the Woodwork Forum and Google. I settled on using 25mm Melamine for the table and fence, T-track and hold downs  from McJings . As can be seen in the photo of the rear of the fence I have left a tail of T-track overhanging, this is so the lock down for the fence will not reduce the amount of table. I have to make the fence lock downs brackets. Then I only need to secure the T-track and seal the edging and its finished, when it stops raining long enough it shall be done.

I was able to pick up some FREE 18mm MDF sheet 1800x1000 from another Woodwork forumite (thanks Scott & Geoff). I had cut it to size using my Triton Mk3 but it needs a major tune up to be square. Alan came to the rescue and completed the Cabinet the back is 6mm ply, mitred corners with a biscuit, while the over hang edge is rebated.

The overhang will house my square and hacksaws, 80mm wheels fitted. Again Alan many thanks. Missed it again the photo opportunity, a man in a tie and office attire doing woodwork. Have not seen that since I was a young lad. I only need to now coat and seal it. At a later stage draws will be fitted.


  1. Hello,

    after attempting to accurately drill a sheet of 3/8" plywood on my new drill press I quickly decided that I needed a similar table. Would love to see an update to the project and more large scale pictures.

    Thank you,


  2. DH Things have progressed but not as far as I'd like or enough to show the progress at this stage. Other things have taken the fore. I will as soon as possible finish the additional table and post the update. Mean while can I suggest you check out
    This link for a friends

    And this friends also



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