Monday, July 26, 2010

Whats in a Name

We have a Scheppach Decoflex scroll saw, after using standard pinned blades for most simple type work, nothing fancy. We bought better quality finer unpinned blades through Helen Harris. PO Box 1384 Murray Bridge SA 5253 Ph: 08 8531 3440. The scroll saw was purchased through Cumberland Wood Workers club when I was a member supplied by  Hare & Forbes almost 2 years ago . It's has done some work of sorts, trimming material to small for the bandsaw such as pen blank ends.

I am impressed with the entry level scroll saw for a few reasons. Its light weight so easy to move about even though it has a steel cast sub frame and alloy cast work bed. Its robust enough not to wander around the bench, its additional light, height adjustable blower for dust and its variable speed control. Most of all it has an adaptor for a flexible shaft with 3.2mm chuck which comes with it. Of course this allows for drilling, sanding, buffing no matter where as long as there is power. The attachment fits straight onto a Dremel tool an added bonus.  It also came with a pinless mounting kit,  it was good with a easy to fit mounting set up on the top edge of the arm of  the saw yes there is a But! These had to be removed to change back to pinned blades, and protruded further in line with the blade. Helen Harris had available a adaptor to suit both blade types, once fitted it just a matter of changing blades.

Using a reveres skip tooth blade I made a name plate for our 2nd grandson for his 2nd birthday. Radiata Pine with an unknown hardwood back, left in the raw. I created the text using Corel Draw, printed it out and applied a light coat of adhesive removed after cutting.

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