Sunday, September 5, 2010

Candel Tray & Lidded Vessel

I like a challenge and this piece of Elm was certainly just that. Encased in a sealing resin well out of round balance and thickness, I was given it by a friend. Hughie thanks enjoyed it very much. The natural formed inclusions added to the fun of turning as they do go right through and across one segment. I decided the shape almost on first sight of the blank and its end use. A glass tray I had suited the purpose, a trial of candle style a shorter one needed.

A length of spalted  English Oak approx 50x50x300 quartered and glued together for the main body of this vessel, adding Jarrah foot, finial and neck with a Jacaranda stem. The lid I am not to happy with and may change.


  1. What a great blog, and you mentioned Harris Tweed which is even better, Now I'm wondering if you do wooden sock blockers?

  2. JM my apologies for only just seeing your comment.

    As to your question I don't or haven't made sock blockers, but could if required or guide you to make your own if needed.

    Ray & Sue


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