Sunday, November 14, 2010

Hair of the Dog

 Recently Max our Foxie had to have surgery due to an in-grown hair between one of his hind quarter toes. An expensive situation starting with the Vet trying applying a cream to draw out poison and a tape bandage for a few day's.

Max was good he left his bandaged foot alone and only the day prior removal did he really try get it off.

After the bandage was removed he had to wear an Elizabethan collar. The Vet had to fit one larger than normal as he could reach the open wound, stich  and drain that was still in. The colar was so heavy and big we had to leave his harness on him so Sue could tie it to it to help hold it up. Being a Foxie made him look like the HMV symbol. We did how ever find that his barking reduced as the cone effect echoed so he stopped barking while wearing it.
He's better now.

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