Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Progress of the Spinning Wheel

After having rough turned the spindle parts prior Christmas I have got as far as dry assembling the main body of the wheel. I still have away to go. The wheel its self, although the spokes are done as well as the hub. Metal work such as the drive axle and maiden axle/shaft. The footman and drive pulleys.

 The Restoration is also slowly progressing, the leg repair in this post another-step-forward has since been coloured to match and sanded. Timber for the footman has been cut but I am unhappy with the state of the wood as its is heavily splated and may prove to fragile for such a work area.


  1. I purchased an old traditional Saxon style spinning wheel from an antique store in Russelville, Arkansas last month and am missing the "Mother of All", the "Whorl" unit. I have the maidens but one of these had a leather attachment that needs replaced. It is worn out. How does the "Mother of All" attach into the rectangular opening where the tension knob is located? Have many questions! Do you restore for others? Will upload and publish my spinning wheel if you want to check out my site and give me some input.

  2. Hi Kathy I will take a look at your site if I can that would be good.
    I'd be happy to do more repairs or make them but being in a situation I can't/couldn't the repair/restoration has now taken 18 months. I have just a small garage I work in and it is to me just something to do. Besides the costs involved for you to post etc would be a killer. How ever I maybe able to help put you in touch with a local person.

    One thing I have learned about the Saxony Wheels is they were made almost individually, unless mad in the last 25 years. Have read of past posts on the wheels you'll get some of your answers. Here is one
    This is many of the parts laid out
    In that post you can see clearly the adjuster block

    I will answer as much as I can for you. One of my turners club friends has just leant s a book which has full plans for similar wheels at this stage I have not had a chance to sit down and read or browse (t is all in Swedish).

    Regards Ray


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