Sunday, May 8, 2011

Wool of Many Colours III Mobius & Helix Scarf

In the first 2 posts on Wool of Many Colours post one & post two  the process of turning  fibre into yarn and yarn into skeins to create the following Mobius and Helix Scarf for this years Scarf Exchange.

A Moebius is a band which has one face so that if you were to draw a line along its centre, you would end up back where you started without having lifted your pen at all, while a Helix is more like a coil and has two distinct faces.

The scarf uses the now very popular helix design which is also known as a ruffle scarf. The pattern was recently published in the Spin Off magazine. Here I used two balls which I had organised so that the colours would progress and then mirror back on themselves. This isn't an exact duplications as with any hand dyeing, there are slight variations in the bands of colour but I came as close as I could. The moebius was worked in a similar manner with the colours progressing through out though I was a little more difficult as there is a distinct lace pattern in this moebius which isn't normally used. A plain garter stitch is more common but I like a challenge. Here I have to credit Brigit Freyer from for her pattern "Wave of color". When I came to knitting this moebius, the number of stitches called for was insufficient for the size of garment I had intended to make so another two pattern repeats were added. This meant that I ran out of yarn before finishing the lace edging. Fortunately there was enough fibre left that I could spin up enough to finish. I hope that whoever receives it like what I have done with the fibre.
"Wave of Color" moebius. I like the way the colours graduate and end with the orange and yellow. It makes me think of flames licking around the edges of the moebius.
Helix scarf.

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