Friday, July 8, 2011

The Arm Chair Traveller

I am not one to usually sit about, I like to keep on the move. Years of being on the road touring driving coaches and even long before that my lone motorbike rides up and down the east coast. Family holidays only ever did one out here with mum & dad to Tuggerah. With my own family there were a few camping trips, holidays and weekends away when they were all involved with BMX. Sue's and my first big one was to Rockhampton we had borrowed my mates Sandman panel van he had borrowed the motorbike sadly he got no pleasure out of it the battery died 2nd day. Camping during my years in Boys Brigade and CEBS prior that. I guess a long boat trip from England to Australia............nope that didn't start the itch either for I recall journey's with my parents, steam train journeys with Grand parents even an odd ride on a motorbike with an Uncle all back in the UK it wasn't far but I recall some of it. Especially the hot exhaust.
So why now an armchair traveller? Well I have been following a friends journey/treck in search of family history through the UK, Scotland and even skirting by near where I was born. The photography is great and worth a 1000 words. Thanks Alan & Helen for sharing.

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