Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Spray Mask Fix

These days I don't spray that much paint or lacquer, years ago it was cars, buses and coaches when doing fleet repairs or full resprays.

While spraying recent woodwork with lacquer and using the Protector twin filter mask I have had now for over 30+ years the elastic which Sue last replaced the straps with had decided it had stretched enough.

I had an idea elastic was just not going to cut it so I decided to use a pushbike inner tube ( I had a new one no longer needed 24x1/38). I cut two strips by using the molding rib as a guide on the tube, about 24" using a roller cutter. Now comes the tricky part recalling how it was thread so I can pull it tighter and loosen it off. The bottom bit no problem done the top is stranger to do.

All done I think it will give me at least another few years use yet, along with some spare rubber tube and strips remaining for another use.

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