Friday, December 14, 2012

Fountian Pens & Roller Ball Pens.

A selection of Fountain and Roller Ball pens just to use the kits and material.

Majority of the kits are from 043turning.

While these acrylic matched pair are a Chrome Jnr Gent from Timberbits.

The acrylic blank was a special make from Bruce Sanders a master pen maker. He had made a blank he gave me back in 2009. A request for similar colour has been a tough job to reproduce.

 Unfortunately the image on the blank did not come through in the turning, however I did cut that section off at 2mm thick.
Photo right by Bruce Sanders.

 A False Ivory Roller Ball Baroness kit and Ivory supplied by 043turning

 New Guinea Rosewood for these next four

 This is an Unknown burl trying to capture the essence of the wood in a photo just couldn't be done.

Making pens is not without its problems at times, hassles with glues, timbers, tubes kits and finishes. Of all the pens I have made to date these making these have been the most frustrating of all. Weather has not been kind either.

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