Friday, June 6, 2014

Memory Quilt for Susanna's 90th Birthday

After posting so much of my own work its time I posted some of what Sue has been doing and I do mean just some.
There is a lot besides this and the next post which Sue believes should be kept in the spirit of the reason why she spends the time doing them its charity work.

This as well as helping me when the need arises such as when spraying or finishing, I have her help by observing and moving the items.

The Memory Quilt made for Sue's mum using scraps of material Susanna had used during the years when she sewed for her family...hubby Matt, Sue & Liz. Then for our three children. Belinda and Sue had collected materials when we cleaned out the house not with this in mind of course.

Sue work long hours for just short of two weeks, cutting and piecing the pieces together. There are pieces which go back over 50 years totalling 90 heart shaped pieces in all.

Laying the lot out and pinning them yet to be sewn and edged.

Completed showing both sides.

A glazed eye from both Susanna and Sue as Susanna takes it all in and slowly sees within the years of left over materials she had lovingly sewn herself into garments.

 These smile say it all
Happy 90th Birthday Mum (Susanna), Gandma.

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