Monday, February 9, 2015

Pens & Pencils

Back here I mentioned about some worthless wood blanks as they have become known in pen turning circles.

Here are four of the blanks turned up into Workshop pencils.

I went on to use up my stock of Jnr Gent and Baroness stock of kits these were a few years old and the supplier of the Baroness has closed his doors it seems. The Jnr gent has since changed style of the facets now going to 12 instead of 6 and a few other variations depending on where the kits come from. This is rather annoying as to get replacement parts becomes almost impossible. Although Nibs and Roller ball refills are always available.

These first four are -
Red Acrylic and Chrome Baroness Fountain and Roller Ball pens.
24k Gold plated Jnr Gent Fountain and Roller Ball Pens.  

These next four are :-

Spalted Mango Jnr Gent Fountain and Roller Ball
Bull Oak laminated with a centre strip of Cedar again Jnr Gent.
The laminating was done by Alan Flett to see what it would turn up like. Its hard to distinguish in the photo a darker contrasting timber would suit this type of work better.

Showing the 6 Facet tip. 

 The next four s follows :-
Left to Right
Two Camphor Larurel Cross Cut Jnr Gents Fountain pen and Roller Ball
One New Guinea Rosweood Jnr Gent Fountain
One Baroness English Oak with Wenge showing it with a Fountain Pen tip.

 Camphor Laurel Cross Cut Pens.

English Oak and Wenge

New Guinea Rosewood

 This maybe the last pens for a while as these were last of some stock I had on hand. I have other interests and other plans to continue with.

Pen turning is as much frustrating as it is enjoyable, a slippery slope and it can lead anyone down a path be it winding or straight.
Experimenting with timbers, acrylics and a variety of other materials as well as finishes. Kits adds to the experience, if you do take the plunge take your time and above all enjoy.


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  1. Beautiful work Ray. Pens as you say are a slippery slope, a slope I'm not ready for yet. Cheers Geoff.


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