Sunday, April 12, 2015

Snake Eye Bolt Tool

Mark's doing some interesting work at the moment in the building sector, he spoke to me about another tool he required for work and asked if I could make it up his idea is simple but unique. After seeing the Snake Eye Stainless Steel bolt and him explaining what he required it was an easy job

 Two Snake Eye Bolts belwo the one on the right with the X on was one Mark found in the batch when working which was usless due to the holes being odd sizes hence rendering it usless.
What was wanted was a Snake Eye Bolt Tool!! The tool has to be strong enough to tighten or loosen the bolts yet not damage the Stainless Steel surface when used. Mark had been supplied a spanner type tool which has major restrictions of use in many situations, lack of space.

What we created was simple enough to do.

All that was required was the drill press and cross slide drill vice and a grinder with a cut off wheel.
Drilling the Snake eyes of the bolt right through the dia hole drilled was 9/64 this gave a tight fit and inserting sheer pins a pressed fit (hammered actually) into place protruding approx 4mm. I had some sheer pins Ken had given me which were ideal for the job.

Below is one pin already fitted and cut off the second ready to be cut.

 Mark will fit three M12 nuts to the bolt locking them together this will allow him to use a socket and bar to tighten or loosen them. I'll get him to send me a photo when he's done that and maybe when in use and add it here.

I have used the spanners on push bikes and other mechanical devices the spanner is often useless as the pins break or as Mark has found work area restricts positioning and use of such.

In searching I found two tools one I would not use in a situation where finished appearance to a job is noticed thats this type.

The second type is more user friendly although torque applied may still shear the pins even on the one we have made.

Of course each bolt size needs its own spanner/socket to suit.

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