Friday, June 12, 2015

Wandering Round and Table For 6x4 Bandsaw

Tony's (the electrician who did the wiring on the Myford) daughter is having her 7th birthday in July with a Harry Potter theme and requested some wands made as his gear is all still in storage.

 I made 7 a variety of timbers all just off cuts laying about with Sue's help she added a bit of blink to them.
 As Tony asked if they could be done by the Sydney Wood Show which starts today 12th June I only got to apply 2 coats of Danish Oil but they were sanded to 400.

My 6x4 bandsaw has/had a vertical table but I always found it to light in using it as it would flex, come loose with harmonics. I have to thank a variety of other 6x4 owners who modified theirs in a similar manner. I used 1/4" plate made it approx 1" larger all round and cut the back corner off to allow it to fit.

Testing on a quick cut had no harmonics and a tight plate which didn't come loose.
The plate cost me $9.00 from Edcon at Revesby.

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