Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Lake Goldsmith Steam

Sunday Sue and I made or first visit to Lake Goldsmith about 60k's from Ballarat. Weather just improved as the day rolled on. Its so big that we didn't get to see it all!! It would be a full weekend to be able to walk around photograph and talk to those exhibiting as well as draw it all in.

I agree with its has to be Australia's premier Steam fest home, sheds house many exhibits take a look at the aerial  photo and you'll see the scale of it.


My only complaint from a wheelchair user perspective is one disabled access toilet for a place this large is not good enough.
To everyone who displayed a fantastic job thanks more all your hard work in restoring your machines.


  1. It's a CANON!!!!! Love the general store photo too. But, geez there's way too much wood turning crap Dad! Where's the old buildings and the interesting stuff?

    1. Well your right on both counts camera was too.

      Not much wood turning in those photos just two photos dear daughter. The rest are all metal lathes.

      I had no idea mum had sms'd the photo of the cabinet like your grandma's.


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