Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Cole Jaw Extention

Cole Jaw Extension set 
I recently made a set of extension's for my Cole Jaw  of which i have two sets one made of Aluminium at Ornamental Turners and a steel set from Gary Pye . I made the extension set out of 16mm MDF to take the diameter to 500mm. I made a template out of 10mm MDF first. marking the main mounting holes. These were drilled with a small drill bit, then truing up the outer edge on the lathe.

Rear View of Cole Jaws
Normal Cole Jaws in use

 Cole Jaws are an add on set of jaws to a chuck to hold larger bowls or odd shapes usually for finishing the base. They are not so damaging to the work itself as buttons are used to hold the job securely.  Speeds of the lathe should be kept to no more than about 600 rpm with diameter's of this size 500mm+. I didn't get a photo of the jaws cut into quarters as I plain forgot to take it, or with the button holes drilled.  Although these were marked out and centre punched, I past the first set onto Pat a mate and as he needs to true them to his Cole jaws before drilling the radius mounting holes.

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