Monday, March 28, 2011

Wool of Many Colours II

1st Bobbin

Progress from my first post on my Scarf Exchange fibre the fibre was divided into two distinct colour ways. Firstly the deeper reds, orange and yellow has been spun and plied. Today it was washed and hung out to dry. The rest, what I consider gelato colours because of their cooler and softer pastel tones were split down their length then split down their length a second time, rolled loosely into balls ready for spinning. Fortunately the dyes used permeated the fibre fairly well so there was quite a uniform progression of colours. When it came to plying the singles the colours matched up fairly well with only small areas where there was a gradual blending of colours from one to another . It was a very interesting exercise watching how the colours graded through from the primary shades into the secondary and tertiary colours. I learned a great deal about colour blending in the process which I thought was a good way of approaching a project where I wanted colour definition but didn't want to use the usual Navaho plying technique. I decided that a three ply would be too bulky for what I had planned to knit from it.

1st Hanks spun

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