Tuesday, March 8, 2011

To Pass on a message we Write and Sketch

New Guinea Rosewood Sierra pen & Mini Sketch Pencil
English Oak Sierra & Workshop Pencil

Queensland Wallnut Slimeline
As long as man or woman wishes to pass on messages be it drawing, sketches, knowledge, scriptures or sign there life away their will always be a need for writing implements.

I decided to create a matched pair of a Sierra pen and Sketch Pencil sets using different timbers, using
English Oak off cuts from the spinning wheel I am making.
Tassie Myrtle Burl off cuts from Pat a good friend.
Queensland Wallnut also from Pat
Native Olive and off cut from a large piece from Nick.
New Guinea Rosewood from scarp from Rob.

A series of Slimelines from acrylic which young Dave passed onto me as he found the fumes to toxic.
A Queensland Wallnut Slimeline and New Guinea Rosewood Pen and Pencil.

The kits for the Sierra Pen, Mini Sketch Pencil and Workshop Pencil all were supplied by 043turning, with Ian delving into his own stock to accommodate my order for the Workshop Pencils. I prefer to make the Workshop pencil with out the centre band so that it can be easily removed, with the centre band withdrawing the main mechanism is not possible when the sharpener is glued into place. Although a hex-nut is used to stop the pencil rolling off benches etc a need for a clip is there also.

The Mini Sketch pencils come with a 3mm lead while the Workshop pencils are 5mm leads.

New Guinea Rosewood Slimeline Pen & Pencil

The Slimeline kits supplied by David from Timberbits  all but the Slimeline Pencil that came from Jim Carroll of Carroll's Woodcraft Supplies 

Acrylic Slimelines

QLD Wallnut disaster

 Making pens is not without its problems as seen here in making one of the Workshop pencils. An easy repair this time.

Queensland Wallnut & the pencil that exploded
Tassie Myrtle Burl

Native Olive
Native Olive
Same pen different view.

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