Wednesday, March 9, 2011

An Great Find

In this post my ramblings brought up my passion for Vintage and Veteran vehicles and a time I recall well working weekends at Greens Motorcade Museum. Mr George Green one of the owners a true gentleman with a zest for life and love for his collection, its was a shame to see it sold off. Sydney lost a great family venue a historical museum its location now just a memory along Camden Valley Way a housing estate.

While setting up to take the photo's of the pens using a book on Drawing out fell this leaflet from those days in the mid 70's.
The old Traction Engine which stood at the entrance     

Right In the background old Beecroft Fire Station, Beside The Oaks Tea Room and in front a 1927 Dennis Fire Engine used for rides. Crash gear box with a cone clutch, manual brakes no hydraulics.

Right  The 1912 English Star a dream to drive a pleasure I had often, crank start and it had an Engine compression whistle. Whic I would take pleasure in using when seeing the Golfers next door teeing off.

Left In doors one of the exhibits was this old Charabanc.

Right  Yet another Fire Engine.

I make no apologies for quality of the photo's as they were taken on a Kodak 126.

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