Saturday, October 8, 2011

A Lap Warmer

A good friend Peter down in Tassie - Smithton has been sending Sue Siberian Husky for some time now, his wife Sue requested a lap warmer if possible. Sue spun both the Husky fur and Merino together to get her yarn. Then using a 6" square loom wove the individual squares, it took some time due to a few family matters so sorry for the delay Peter & Sue.

It looks so fine and it is prior it being posted Sue placed it on my lap, I was surprised even on the cold day and my legs cold already it started warming them up quite quickly. Only concern is that Aura their Siberian Husky might be a bit put off with the scent of her own.

 Aura                                       Her Pedigree
 Edited 25th Oct:- I found the photo of the 6" square loom used.

6" loom

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