Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Ornamental Turning Inspiration

We all look for inspirational work around us, on the net or by others. I have been following two fellows who are leading the way into Ornamental Rose Engines using CNC both with their own ideas yet crossing many paths and exchanging idea's.

These are Alan Battersby his site OT In Experiences 
His Rose Engine MKII design is simple and follows that of the typical look yet modernized with the use of CNC parts instead of Rosettes, cam's, index wheel.

The next is Bill Ooms his use of a CNC bed attached to his Jet mini lathe and now the use of a CNC Indexer

Both producing and writing their own software.
Through Alan's site I was lead to the amazing work of Dewey Garrett

I continue to follow as I build my own simple Rose Engine still a long way off.

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