Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Tools and Machines

I don't mind admitting I like tools small, big old or new I have been using tools since a very young boy, through school and as an apprenticeship as a Coach/Motor Vehicle Builder, Mechanic and Spray Painter, working on computers and much more. Since joining the Ornamental Turners Group Of Australia I have had great pleasure in joining them at their yearly demonstration at Hare & Forbes Machinery House. This is a 3 day event which we have the pleasure of being at as Hare & Forbes are one of the groups sponsors.  The group of fellows/friends all take their Rose Engines or lathes in to show how we have made them and use them to decorate our wood turnings.

Members of OTGA

Darrell Smith with his weapon of mass destruction, this is a big man's gouge for deep hollowing. He had fitted an LED torch to the shaft to shed light into the vase along with the steady rest built by John Chapman (steady is nicknamed Stargate).

Bowl by Arthur Thomas decoration by Ray (me) & Dave Roberts
Lou Wouter's Rose Engine work
Daniel Roberts
Daniel & Dave Roberts OT
 Young Daniel Roberts although not a member (his dad is) Daniel is a very keen woodworker and is into tools and engineering.

Tim Peasley
Tim's acrylic

Peter Whitehorn
 Peter is the one who introduced me to the Ornamental Turners he and I go back a long way both having been coach drivers, a good mate.

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