Sunday, March 11, 2012

Any Old Iron

These two Steptoe & Son, Any Old Iron remind me of my dad Ralph Sanderson, no he wasn't a scrounger or horder.
Dad used to say "Ones mans rubbish is anothers gold or treasure" He is right some see rubbish others see a use for such.

Today at the Traditional Tools Group sale at Asquith I picked up a box of bits n pieces off an Electro magnifier for a fair price. As soon as I saw it I thought yeh right like he'll want $$$ for that lot. I could see a purpose for it in Ornamental Turning, now to plan design and build.
Included was a small angle drive motor and stepper motor.

Same fellow had 2 more tools required a Fly cutter and boring bar these are used to form the cuts in Ornamental Turning. Just need a couple more made for smaller High speed steel cutters and a mounting bar to attach them too.

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