Monday, March 26, 2012


I have always been fascinated with the Barley Twist on turned wood. My parents had two candle sticks similar to these although theirs have a metal foot, they were given as presents either for their engagement or wedding can never remember which. I still have one of these.

I was taught one method of producing these at school by Mr Woods, yes that was his name my highschool woodwork teacher. He had come into teaching during the teacher shortage created by the Vietnam war, he was a towering 6'4" but a tradesman and had been a production turner at some stage.

Years on David Laird from the OTGA taught Sue another method and its this I am using to produce a column for the 3 teir stand. This involves the same layout method in the link above but using Micro-planes to form the Barley twist. This is a 4 start twist.

More Rosewood from
 Boutique Timbers

Edited 30th March as an update.

2nd tier column hand shaped and a sanding 
sealer applied. Bottom and larger Barley Twist in the process of shaping. 

Bottom is larger diameter and larger flutes.

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