Monday, April 29, 2013

Hardwood Vs Softwood

My neighbour Wayne drops in usually on his way to work no different this morning except I wasn't in much of a good mood and I was involved in a situation checking the Myford out.
Wayne asked if I'd noticed the log up the road, I had not nor had Sue as she had not taken Max that way for a walk. Anyway Wayne offered to bring it down which he did 800mm x 250 at its widest point fresh cut as it was still ooozing sap. Looks and smells like a form of Juniper.
Many thanks Wayne.

Then about an hour or so later Fletty calls around with my two pieces of Mallee Burl he picked up during his recent trip north to Rollands Plains where Boutique Timbers and a number of others were holding a Timber Auction. Alan had SMS'd me with a photo and hinted I may like a few, he chose to beauties.

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