Tuesday, May 14, 2013

A Starret Dial Guage and other bits n pieces.

I recently purchased an old Starret No 25-B Dial gauge among some other bits n pieces from a friend Pat who has a knack of scrounging garage sales etc.

 I figured reasonably priced at $30 even though the plastic face had come adrift and the anvil as sticking.

A tiny bit of glue (not CA as it effects this type of plastic) re fitted the whole bezel correctly which allowed a little more travel and stopped the needle sticking. Yep it still stuck when fully depressed so some advice from the metal section of the woodwork forum (Thanks Rob) and I removed the back cleaned fully and lightly oiled with sewing machine oil all working parts a wipe with a lint free cloth and I was getting grit out a further light oil an closed it back up as I had full travel and no sticking at all.

I'd like to make a couple of different anvils for it although the one fitted is quite ok it does hinder full travel due to a shoulder.

 In the box as you an see he anvil is stuck in.

The back opened during cleaning and the finished look.

 Some of the other things picked up on the day (Above) a set of fluted M1 reamers.
Below a small set of various hone stones.

 Vacuum bags and Free small vac to be used on the Myford.

 A new fellow to the forum Dave brought along a nice bit of Pepper Corn tree burl.

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