Sunday, May 26, 2013

New Drill Press Table Part 2

Lots of rain this week 3 days cold and not much chance to be in the workshop. Friday, Saturday and today a big difference warm and sunny. So with some help from Sue at times I got the drill press table finished.

 Friday I cut the blocks which were to go under the clamps. Drilled and fitted the 8mm bolts glued in with epoxy. Self tapping screws
countersunk to hold them in place.
The clamps are off the old table. just 1/8 x 1" flat bent.

 One major draw back is the height winder handles on all drill press, more so with a table fitted. So a large nut was drilled out 12mm to fit the shaft. A M5x6mm grub screw drilled, tapped and fitted to a flat edge. The fitted to the shaft.

 I had a spare 13/64 spark plug socket and 1/4 drive ratchet. This works well and with a flick of the lock it is easy to adjust incrementally if need be.
I may turn off some of the socket to make it shorter.

 A 2" dia centre relief hole drilled.

Now ll is fitted the height is so easy to adjust while the table is fitted. I think all drill press regardless should come standard with a ratchet type height adjustment and a better lock leaver for tightening the collar.

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  1. Looking good. The height adjusting handle on my press has been snapped off. Great idea for a solution.


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