Sunday, June 16, 2013

A few things done at last

Over the last few months I have not produced much at all as i have lots of small things to do and a variety of matter to attend to including birthdays throughout the family still another yet to come.

I started one project after Peter and his family went to Croatia where they picked up a souvenir Canon from Korcula this was to go in the display cabinet at home. Nathan had other ideas and wanted it as a toy, of course he wasn't aloud so he asked me to make one for him to play with. Sorry Nathan it has taken so long two years, although the barrel's were finished 18 months ago. They are made from Sydney Blue Gum as are the wheels, carriage and hubs from Capriata Pine just a plain simple toy.

All three are different as the others will go to Christian and Brodie.

I am not all to happy with these I would have preferred a great authenticity as it is what I will be judged on. But these are just a childs toy which I hope will be enjoyed.

 A scrap bit of NSW Rosewood which was left over from the Hair/Shawl pins so I made a rather long one about 7".

 From the Huon Pine brought back for me recently this simple rolling pin for Sue 11" long finished with Walnut oil.

I'll be taking a break from posting my work unless its a specific job while I get on and complete another unfinished piece or three.

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