Monday, June 17, 2013

Sore Points about Saws

A fellow blogger Tom posted about his delightful find of a Sandvik saw of whcih I found I have not one but two with the same handle a course and a fine tooth. Tom is an avid tools hunter but has the ability to give such detailed history and expertise in restoration, he has inspired me often with his finds and sales.  His stories of daring do to locate at garage sales, op shops, 2nd Hand stores, markets wrestling deals to get what he's after.

I have always had a love for tools every since my mother bought my dad a woodworking boxed tool kit when we still lived in Stanley UK, I was about 4 years old. I still have that box and a number of those tools, sadly some have either gone by the way side lost for ever or broken beyond repair.

My father in law bought tools as he needed them, often without knowing what he was buying and for what use either new or at auctions or even picked up from road side heaps. He was a farmer/cook not really into woodwork but did what he could to get by.

From both these men I have gained a number of saws plus a few of my own purchases of cheap rubbish saws when money was tight.

These are they, mostly the handles showing with hope I can get some information on them from various people like Tom or RayG  who has a saw discussion forum or IanW and others knowledgeable men in the art of saw makers . There are groups specialising in old tools like The Traditional Tools Group who can be seen at wood shows of various nature around the country they hold classes on saw maintenance.

My saw's all are lacking TLC although some have been sharpened by me many have not yet had much care. Handles with screws missing, where the heck do they go they seem to  disappear overnight. Handles which have seen better days or just from old age split, cracked or bits broken off. Back in the 80's I had to do a weekend quick fix of a saw handle of dad's it was rough and ready of all the saws I want to repair this means the most to me. I broke it just prior his death. I hope to as years pass have them back in working order and looking much better than they are now.

 One of my Dad's as I was taught Tenon Saw, I noted the etching logo is Spear & Jackson.

 One of my Father in Laws I will have to check the log I didn't get a decent photo.

 Another of Dad's see the screws missing.
This was also Dad's the one I had to do a quick handle fix on mid 1980's very rough. At the time I had minimal tools, jig saw, hole saw, rasp and a weekend in which to finish the job I needed it for.

 This one is a Hack saw with a missing handle something Father in law picked up.

 Another one of Dad' a long heavy saw which I have sharpened. Note the split near the screw.

Matt's my father in law I look at this handle and see a a cartoon cats face in the photo to the left. teeth and blade need much care.

 These two my son Mark picked up for $1.99 both plastic handle with hardend teeth. One which is used for cutting plaster cornice below. These get used quite a bit as I can handle them with my hands being as they are very little grip.

This is a plastic handle which appears to be brown with a dragon logo and fine tooth Sandvik  again those screws have been hijacked. I am unsure where this came from possibly Matt's.

 Some bad pitting can be seen on the left. That Dragon again it is this saw which sparked the post its the same as Tom found..

This although it has a logo I will have to have my better specs on to read it I will check and post an update later. A plastic handle with the broken point lower end of the handle.

Matt's collection  yet again no idea what this is.

The handle says it all plastic yet a Brand name maker.

This is one of mine a more recent buy about 3 years ago its called the "Little Ripper" sold as an ideal MDF saw for $14 think I paid $10 cuts almost anything. Hardened points, used often I like the handle on this an easy gripper comfortable and wood.

This is a sudo wood/plastic handle I bought it back in the 90's.
Its has evidence of a day when things just were not going well and I took it out on the saw teeth damaged beyond reasonable repair.

Last is this cheapy Matt must have bought made in Tiawan sticker on it.

 I have a couple of other hacksaws I have had since my working days and a small Gents saw in dad's tool box I picked that up in Holbrook.

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