Friday, July 26, 2013

Bianca's Baby Doll Bed

Having made the grandsons a canon each to play with, I wanted to make Bianca something special also so I gave her the choice.
A Doll bed Poppy please was the response.
So we checked the internet for a style, best to get these things right as Bianca has her own ideas on how things should be. The only thing we disagree on is colour she wants it painted Pink, while Pop wold like her to experience true wood as nature gives it to us with it hidden secrets.
So while she is away on holidays. I decided to make a start never thinking the weather would be so nice or the past few days.
I had also had a few other projects which had to be tackled during this time while I could jump to while weather was to cold, wet or glue was drying.

Here's the work in progress to frame glue up today.

Timber for the frame is Silky Oak, head board piece I chose had a knot so I book leafed it.
The timber is pinkish all the cu pieces laid out.

Dry assembly

 I lay the two bedhead end post together to mortise a recess for the head board to sit into.

Used my Aldi Chome Vanadium chisel.

Cut and shaped two sizes of L shapes for safety sides so dolly doesn't fall out of bed.

A test fit tight and snug.

  All four post had the tops turned to a low dome shape

 Glued and Clamping foot end

All glued and clamped and diagonal clamped to square 

Sue Nana is going to make the mattress and bedding they will be Pink.

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