Thursday, July 18, 2013

Lucets - A Viking Heritage Tool

Sue got a request for a few Lucets to be made, so I raked through some scrap off cuts I knew had some varieties of timber. I used Huon Pine, NSW Rosewood, Purple Heart, Red Cedar, English Oak, Jacaranda, River Oak and Silky Oak. Bottle Bush/Melaleuca, Camphor, Native Olive and Red Mallee Burl. There are 29 which made the finish stage some were just to thin and broke during stages of making them.

This was a joint project as arthritis and my fingers in this cold weather just were not doing well. I cut, drilled and sanded to general shape. Sue further shaped, rounded edges and fine sanded prior a coat of Danish Oil and final coat of Wipe On Poly.

They are various thickness s well as shapes.

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