Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Urgent Fix and Appologies

I had an urgent repair to do, even though it took me two weeks to get round to doing it, for I was lost without it.

It meant a lot to me and the stand in just wasn't the same it left a terrible bitter taste in my mouth.

Twelve months ago for my birthday Nathan and Bianca two of my grand children gave me a Thermos mug for the workshop. It was used every day for my morning cuppa, able to keep it hot for at least an hour or more.

That was until I knocked off the top of the tool box and broke the handle off.  The handle is ok its the plastic shroud that broke where the handle is mounted.

So to Nathan and Bianca I apologise as I loved my mug.


I knew a fix was in need! Should I epoxy it or fix it like new.

The broken part was the plastic shroud and where it broke just wasn't going to allow an easy repair with epoxy.

So Poppy did the next best thing I made a new shroud turned out of Camphor Laurel,  left some bark inclusion for character not realising that there is a Bears face formed due to the knot.

It is sealed internal and external with Timberlac a nitrocellulose lacquer glued with epoxy at the lower joint and internal base and pressed fit into the top.

No need for a handle as it only got in the way.  
Had my first cuppa in it again today and its as good as new.

Can you see the Bear

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  1. Nice one Ray?. Excellent solution to a bear of a problem. Cheers Geoff


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