Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Sheppach Bassato 4 Bandsaw Upgrade

Although I think the Sheppach Bandsaw is excellent for my use, I have never liked the Bassato 4 rear blade guides. I have had to replace one set already, they do not always spin and as you'll see from the top one damage it can be damn dangerous.
Below are the two rear guides. the left was the top guide and as can be seen the blade has been cutting into it as it has not been spinning. While the lower one has been wearing as it should.

Left the top guide Right lower guide
The danger from this could be that if both guides have grooves cut in and as they are mounted on opposite sides if one or both spin and the blade is in the groove if either or both the blade will break.
Below is the brass shaft which the rear guides mount into.

I was cutting some Magnolia small blocks about 6" x 1" when the sound started it was metal on metal. I stopped the saw and investigated yet couldn't find anything. Restarted and tried again. yet again the sound began enough volume to worry Sue. On second investigation it became obvious that the rear blade guide had become badly damaged as the blade had cut grooves and the side of teeth of the blade were hitting the lower protection guard below the table.

I have no idea why so much went wrong so quick there had been no wrong use or previous damage noted. There was no injury or major damage to me or the bandsaw that was Friday late afternoon.

After acquiring two new bearings ordering a new blade all on Monday morning early, it has taken a day to resolve the issue and upgrade. Mostly due to myself (this weather is effecting movement and my hands). Machining the brass shaft for the upgrade and awaiting a new 3tpi bi-metal blade from Henry Bros. Of course a re-adjustment of set up and test cuts all is quiet again.

 The NSK sealed bearing has a outer 26mm dia and a 10mm inner.

 Oops I didn't take a photo of the machining procedure sorry about that.
I machined the brass shaft to accommodate the bearing, a press fit on both.
View of the lower guide and mounting
 Upper and lower new bearings fitted and re-installed. I used a .006" feel gauge for clearance between the side guides and the blade top and bottom.

 I'll take a photo of the rear guide clearance and add it.

It will be only time and use that will tell of the wear and benefits of having done this, I'll report back on the results.

Here's the top bearing photo side view I adjusted the gap after taking the photo.

The results of cutting the Magnolia today were excellent a deep cut of 160mm clean, no burning, no blade marks, square and true cuts achieved.

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