Saturday, March 15, 2014

Dungeon of Civil Tourture

Not often your wife gets you an invite via a friend who's son has one of the best jobs, sheds, play area's with a great man size  Meccano kit in which he gets to torture things which are used in Civil  Engineering construction.

David has a job many would enjoy he gets to destroy things and build them only to destroy all in the name of science and betterment of daily use for the public. Like a kid making mud pies just to jump on them or throw them to see how they splat.

David invited Sue and I along with his mum Peggy to go into UTS his work place to have a look at his play area and the equipment. Nothing was in progress although a couple of things were in line for testing.

A few photos of the gear some very serious equipment at that.

Sue and I this is a test structure concrete beam similar to that used on Sydney Harbour Bridge.
Sensors placed with in the concrete attached to computers.
This is for a torsional twist Note the jacks.

Below David showing the reciprocating  ram used to demolish wall structures a hydraulic operated repetitive motion is used bit like an over sized battering ram.

Below left:- 2 x 200t hydraulic compression jacks and the jig built to with stand the forces.


 The above are a 30t and 50t jack compression jigs a special set up done by David and students. One of the magnetic base indicator stands which has attached an electronic sensor. A very long arm on this.

 Below one of the concrete slabs which has reo bars through after a compression test ending with a central crack.

 Below is the Earth Quake simulation shaker this photo of work being set up sent to me by David some time ago. The shaker power house hydraulic room.

Here are some earlier works David has set up.
Left a Jarrah pole
Right a pole and ply bridge structure.

 Below a concrete wall note the jacks between at top centre. Right after

The Pole and ply bridge deformation and results. This was done using the 200t x 2 jacks.

Below more photos from today. A students reo form structure ready for a concrete pour.

Beams from the old Wee Jasper Bridge waiting to be tested.

Hydraulic power house for the general workings of major rams etc.

David's machinery  workshop :- Left rear Hare and Forbes Mill Drill. Centre Rear a large reciprocating hacksaw . Foreground large gear driven drill press. There is also welding, oxy cutting and a Pacifc metal lathe. A bandsaw marked wood and perspex only has its own bandsaw blade  repair station equipped.

 Plywood testing this was soaked for a number of days, it then was parted using a chisel to see what layers gave way or what glue gave way after the long period of being wet.

An unusual apparatus below not used as yet seems to be for concrete testing of some sort.

A display out in the corridor

 Bit of a waste heading out the door no longer of use.

Thanks Dave for a most informative morning.

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