Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Progress of The Spinning Wheel Restoration II

It was good being able to post again on the progress of this wheel, the last being in February.
It seems after so long in not having touched the wheels at all except to move them, then in the short space of time with no distractions hampering the progress I have come so far.
I have to thank Alan for taking one such job on.

Since the last update it again has been slow progress, over all a number of achievements which have brought it to this point. We/I could do a test for alignment of the wheel to the Maiden and actually have it spin the whorl/flyer.

New Flyer leather carriers were made these were increased in length by 10mm giving clearance of the Towers from the Bobbin and to allow the Maiden to spin freely.
In the past someone had heavily worked away an area so the Bobbin would just clear the Tower, at first my impression was general wear but on closer inspection the removal of timber has been deliberate.
Yet it was poor design of the flyer length and position along the shaft originally, I have noted many were built the same. I shall remedy this on the one being built for Sue.
Still work to be done in lining the wheel up and this is mainly due to previous repair work done on the table at the Castle mounting holes. One was found to be 2mm further toward the Maiden which had the wheel aiming off centre it skewed out of alignment aiming more for the middle of the Maiden. This would do nothing but throw the drive belt constantly.

The holes in the table were badly worn allowing the Castles to flop about. The holes cleaned and trued to best round as possible, two Oak inserts were turned and glued into place. These were recessed approx 2mm below the surface due to the shape of the Castle at that point. The  Castle shaft ends were then sanded to also true them into round and make a tighter fit.

The Castles after all the years of use themselves were badly worn where the axle sits, . Repairs had been done in the past here also, the had broken at some stage and glued back together.  Both at the retaining sides at the top where the wheel axle is housed.
They not only required to be strengthened but reduce the gap and even up the depth. I cut English Oak again glued and re-drilled undersize, then re-worked each to suit either shape required as the axle is not the same shape. It being made from  square stock way back, then it had been turned and shaped all those years ago with one side conical. The axle itself was badly rusted and pitted a rotary wire brush gave it the best clean up possible without damage to axle, the wheel hub and timber.

That bothersome repaired foot I mentioned in the previous post it came adrift yet again. This time holes were drilled deeper into the leg and the replacement piece and a dowel glued deep into both, of course this meant re-shaping, sanding back, re-colouring etc.

Weather slowed glue drying time as well as caused trouble in my area to work in. Having to move stuff out doors to access bench space etc but it still got thus far. I have been coating each section in Danish oil as I finish, applying and rubbing it in.

My aim was for it to be ready for a good test run by Easter actually spinning fibre, that's not going to happen at this stage.

Making shavings using my No5 Turner these are used to pack into loose and damaged areas  glued in  to build up and strengthen.

 The new leather marked out, 2 for the new wheel also being made.

  The damage and wear to the Maiden towers. One so thin I had to place a piece internal to give strength and narrow the worn orifice. Still more work to be done here yet.

 Note the shape due to wall thickness it has bowed the tower a little the concave area highlights it.

Repair to cracks in the Hub more work here yet as spokes must be aligned and strengthened the Oak has dried out over the years shrinking making it flop about. The axle having been rotary wire brushed.

 Prior making the new leather carriers showing clearance.
  One of the new carriers fitted.

The badly worn and damaged holes and right and below the old repair.

 Below one of the turned sleeves.

 Left badly worn from many years of serious use.

Lines showing how far forward the right castle hole in the table is.

Sleeves glued in
Left top side
The Table holes with sleeves glued in.

Right  the under side.

Testing the new leather carriers.

 The foot repair again 4th time lucky.

 The Castle top repair the area cleaned to accept the replacement Oak. I had to cut away some of the original internal area.

Right. Note the notched out section for the hub to sit in even this does not align the wheel to the Maiden.

 The blocks glued in some shaping done

Above the slice removed to allow the axle to slot into place

Below set up to test alignment.

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