Saturday, May 31, 2014

In the Background

While weather was not conducive to having the workshop door open, or while glue was drying, maybe just to break the mood while doing the Old spinning wheel restoration, I did some turning and then completed some works put away for finishing (spraying). I find it better to do a few together rather than one only.

Huon Pine Pot Puri bowl with Putter lid. The Huon was given to me by a friend Pat Keefe some time ago. The lid purchased at Kiama Woodshow when Wood-eze still attended.

 This was a respray it is mixed timbers and Ornamental decoration around the centre band.

Ficus or Ornamental Fig with Australian Red Cedar segmented  mouth a lid is being made. I will post photos when thats done it will take a while. The fig was cut down two years ago off my son Peters tree. The wall thickness is approx 5m, diam 10"x3" high with at least a 1/2" base for weight as the timber is very light. I sprayed the inside with a gloss black and the outside used Parade Gloss Boot Polish to highlight the grain. Sprayed with Satin Timberlac 2 coats and then 2 coats of Wipe On Polly.



Tassie Blackwood with a Sassafras lid a Ginger Jar a worm had left its tracks so I left its trails using CA to seal and firm up soft spots. The Tassie Blackwood again given to me by Pat Keefe the Sassafras purchased at Sydney Wood show some years ago.

Red Cedar Trivet the Cedar came from an off cut of another work timber originally from Boutique Timbers.

 Tassie Oak plate or Pie dish 10" x 1" deep, this beautiful timber given to me by Dave Dicker.

 A pair of Jacaranda Vases approx 10" high Satin finish.The Jacaranda has history it was knocked down up at the far end of our street by hoons who put their car up on the stump. The owner of the home sliced it up to be taken away, which Sue did all of it on the day Belinda our daughter got married. I have a number of other pieces to use yet.

Sealed in side with 5 coats of lacquer.

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  1. Hi Ray, great collection of turnings. I was going to say I particularly liked one, but cant make up my mind which one to choose. They are all great. Cheers Geoff.


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