Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Huon Pine Burl Pristina Fountain Pen & Roller Ball

Huon Pine Burl Pristina Fountain Pen & Roller Ball set.

These beautiful Huon Pine Burl off cuts were given to me by Alan Flett he said go create!!
I thought to late I couldn't improve on what Mother Nature has already done.
So I just embellished and highlighted  on what she and Alan gave me to work with.

The pen kit used was the Pristina Upgrade Gold with Chrome Accents Fountain Pen and matching Roller Ball it has a nice centre band and cap both decorated.

Huon Pine is quite oily and a pleasure to work, the scent permeates for days after turning even the size these pens are.

Having run out of my usual pen finish I had to source something new and found that Minwax was producing a 250ml tin of a fast drying Polyurethane.
This was the ideal size to trial so I purchased a Gloss and Satin can.
It is brush on and can be thinned  using Turps or Thinners. I used thinners to clean the brush and thin each coat of the eight coats. The only draw back I found even though I used a fine sable brush was tiny air bubbles but this may have been due to the temperature in the workshop approx 10C. To remove these I just sanded, buffed and polished. Drying time was excellent four hours and I could sand it, apply a further coat. I did allow full 24 hour drying before a final Micro mesh sand prior a buff and polish.


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